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Connecting to team foundation server 2010 from VS 2008

If you need to connect to TFS (Team Foundation Server) from Visual Studio 2008 remember the collection. Use a connection similar to this…


Connection to tfs 2010 from vs2008

Upgrade from Team Foundation Sever 2005 to 2010 (TFS)


What a pleasant surprise I had upgrading our Team foundation server 2005 to 2010.

What I did, this was me stumbling through the process so if you want a more formal approach follow the many documents online:

  • Took a VM ware snapshot of the server (SQL and Application Tier)
  • Ran uninstaller for from Add/Remove programs of the server for anything TFS
  • Ran installer for windows share point 3.0 and allowed it to upgrade in place
  • Upgraded SQL server 2005 to 2008 in place
  • Moved the virtual server to ESX from VMWare Server for 2G memory requirement at install
  • Ran installer for Team Foundation Server
  • Ran configuration wizard for Team Foundation Server


Now I have a super fast TFS 2010 server! I do so thank everyone who worked to make this so painless. In my mind I had set aside a week of pain to get this job done, as it happened it all took about a day, most of which was waiting for installers and converting the VM machine (needed a disk resize).