Best Warehouse Management and Barcode Solutions (WMS) for Microsoft Dynamics GP

A common question is, "is there a barcode solution for Microsoft Dynamics GP?". Barcoding in a warehouse environment can span in complexity from simple data capture used to ease booking in goods to a full warehouse management system. There are solutions out there provided by software companies that cater for both ends of this spectrum and anywhere in between too. There is no Microsoft solution for this within standard GP. 

As a easy way to think about it, I consider warehouse management (WMS) system as when you move from barcode scanning for data capture to the software also being 3D space aware. A WMS will have a geographical map of the warehouses and the spaces inside those warehouses, existing down to the size and location of each bin. This allows for automation of where products are stored within that space. This geospatial awareness also allows for efficiently routed directed picks and put aways, as well as pick face replenishment in an efficient manner with staff directed around the optimal routes for a particular walk. It may be that a WMS may support other features such as wave picking, going far beyond simple data capture whereas simple data capture may not even support inventory picking or put away. 

The first task is understanding what you want out of the proposed "barcoding solution", by understanding how deep into data capture and warehouse management you need to go will help a lot when selecting a system. You also need to understand the technologies, do you need RFID readers, what kind of barcodes need supporting, the speed of hardware readers can be an issue in the field. Cheap hardware can be slow to read or have reduced range to read barcodes that can be an issue when a crate of hard drives need scanning quickly in a batch. Hardware can vary in cost and forms a major part of the original and ongoing cost of ownership. Spares such as, batteries, cases, clips, readers are a consideration in harsh warehouse environment. Some companies are developing solutions using prosumer hardware like tablets, but may be a false economy if they scan too slowly, burning up savings with the hardware with cost in man hours, when slow and fragile in use. Not everyone has the same environments for use, so in less harsh workplaces such solutions could achieve savings.  

Most of the solutions below offer data capture capabilities only, falling short of full-on warehouse management. This is ok, if for instance, all that is required is automation of receipts, put away, picking and stock takes, these are the common pain points companies try to make more efficient. Handheld devices are used to enter data, these can be dedicated hardened units designed for warehouse use or normal computer tablets fitted into sleds that provide the barcode scanners/RFID readers. 

Company Software name
Accellos AccellosOne
Albaspectrum Alba360 WMS
Appolis Inc WithoutWire
Asc Software Warehouse Management for Microsoft Dynamics GP
Blue Moon Blue Moon ISV
CalSoft CS WMS Star
FoxFire FoxFire WMS
KARE Technologies Visual Warehouse
Made4net WMS for Dynamics GP
Manhattan Associates Limited Warehouse Management
m-hance Advanced Data Capture
Panatrack inventory tracking and WMS for GP
SalesPad Data collection for GP
Savant Software Savant Software WMS
Sologlobe SOLOCHAIN Warehouse Management System for
Microsoft Dynamics GP
HighJump Supply Chain Network Solutions AUTOMATED DATA COLLECTION


If you know of any other WMS or bar code solutions for Dynamics GP, then please feel free to contact me via the contact page and I will add them to the list.

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